Portal Access for Members

Portal Access for Members and Providers

These online portals allow existing members access to their claims information and more.

Whether you’re a member or a provider, South Dakota Farm Bureau Health Plans makes it easy to access important member- or provider-specific information and resources via the helpful links below.

These online portals allow our existing members access to their claims information and more. 

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Provider Portals

Farm Bureau Health Plans uses UnitedHealthcare to administer claims for the majority of our plans. Medicare Supplement Plan claims are processed by Farm Bureau Health Plans.

If you have not previously filed a Medicare Supplement claim with us and would like to register for OneConnection, please complete this form first, so we can add you to our system. You will then be able to register successfully. Please email the completed form to providers@fbhealthplans.com or fax to 931-560-4278.

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